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Home Extension


Here at HC Renovations we provide many home building services for our customers, one of which is a home extension. Many people have their home extended for a variety of reasons, such as building a guest bedroom for family or friends, or even if their family is growing but they do not wish to buy a new home. Others wish to get their home extended to add a room within their home that is dedicated to hobbies or even for a home cinema.


At the moment the most popular type of extension is the kitchen extension.

If you dream of a large, open-plan kitchen, but don’t want to move home to get one, a kitchen extension could be just the solution you’re looking for. Not only will an extension give you the extra room you desire and better flow of space, it could also add value to your home.


A kitchen extension is a big job, so thorough planning is key. But here at HC renovations we can take away all of the stress and manage the project for you.

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